Winter Exterior Cleaning Checklist

Winter is coming!

North Shore House Wash provides its customers will the best quality services and part of that service includes preparing you for the temperature dropping. Here are a few of our top recommendations to tick off the list before winter sets in:

House Washing

Pre painted house cleaned by north shore

As you may have already experienced, the cold damp weather conditions can really affect the exterior of your home. The easiest way to protect your home and prevent algae, mildew, moss and mould growth is simple to stop it before it starts by getting an exterior house wash before the winter weather really sets in. The accumulated dirt collected over the dry summer period provides an ideal platform for these substances to grow and thrive. A professional house wash sterilises all the surfaces of your home, making it very difficult for mould to set it and removes any existing growth before it causes damage to the surface of your property.

Best Time For A Gutter Clean is Autumn

Clean gutter in autumn season

According to North Shore House Wash team of specialists during autumn is the best time to get your gutters cleared and cleaned. Clearing from the built up debris, before the rain sets in heavy, your gutters have been put to work taking on plenty of leaves and water.

This makes autumn the ideal time to clear these gutters out and inspect for damage as the winter weather moves in. The moss, fallen leaves and other debris can overflow causing water to leak which may lead to costly repairs from damage to your home’s roof or foundations. Avoid welcoming rodents and other pests onto your property by clearing your clogged gutters.The longer the gutters are left, the more damage may be caused to your property. It’s worth hiring a professional house washer to perform a gutter clear and roof inspection to save you time and money.

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