Moss, Mould and Lichen Cleaning Treatment Auckland

We guarantee effective roof cleaning results you can see the second we leave your home. Our cleaning treatment will add life to your roof by removing the lichen and moss.

Lichen Roof Treatment North Shore

Lichen roof treatment north shore

Roof Treatment Experts Auckland

Moss, Mould & Lichen Treatments

North Shore House Wash uses a chemical 5% Benzalkonium Chloride with slow acting formulation, designed for the efficient killing of Moss, Mould & Lichen. When applied the chemical penetrates spores over a period of 3 to 4 hours. This penetration results in the gradual withering and dying of the Moss or Lichen, and provides long acting protection from re-growth. Time will vary depending on pitch of roof, roofing material and amount of rainfall. North Shore House Wash is among the best mould removal company in Auckland.

Treating Roofs from Moss, Mould & Lichens

Along with Roof-Washing which achieves instant results, North Shore House Wash offers a moss, mould & lichen roof treatment, which over time cleans your roof’s surface and prevents regrowth . Our roof treatments are environmentally friendly and biodegradable so the treatment won’t harm your gardens or cause damage to the environment.Lichen can eat away at the existing coating on the roof and lift off the paint, leaving lichen scarring on the roof surface. If left untreated can result in lichen can penetrate the roof surface which can cause costly repairs. Our mould cleaning method is safe, eco-friendly, and effective.
A man above the house applying treatment for the roof

Roof Treatment Cleaning Auckland

North Shore House Wash takes care

When traditional roof cleaning methods can’t be implemented, where access proves difficult or too costly to use traditional pressure washing methods, a roof treatment service is required to ensure your roof surface stays in good condition.

We use a low-pressure technique to apply a roof treatment solution, which gradually and safely removes moss, mould & lichen from your roof. This way, we ensure that no damage is done to your roof’s surface.

A roof treatment is usually the best option when your roof has moss growth. This is where I apply a moss killing chemical to your roof which takes about 3 hours to penetrate the moss and its roots. The treatment is left on the roof and over a period of a few months, the moss will naturally come off the roof leaving it moss free for up to 2 years or sometimes longer. This is the best option for removal of moss as a roof clean will not remove the moss permanently.

A rusty roof treated by north shore house wash
A showcase of north shore's work preventing moss growths

Prevent Future Growth

Did you know that if you get your roof cleaned you may still need to apply a treatment after?

Applying a commercial grade moss, mould and lichen treatment will prevent your roof surface from future growth. Moss, mould and lichen growths you see on top of your roof could have been prevented YES!!!

With North Shore House Wash experienced professional advice we will be able to help you maintain your roof in great condition for years to come.

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Pretty up your property and prevent damaging growths from taking hold on your roof with this great offer from North Shore House Wash team. This treatment is an affordable and gentle way to treat moss, mould and lichen growth on your roof. It works to reduce leaks by allowing water to flow freely through the water channels and off your roof. Just one commercial grade application every 2-3 years is recommended to protect and extend the life of your roof. Get your roof as good as new for a fraction of the price – we’ve got options for roofs ranging in size from 80m² right through to 450m². The fully insured tradesmen at North Shore House Wash we use only top quality commercial grade roof treatment, and will service the North Shore area and the greater Auckland region. Grab a moss, mould and lichen roof consultation and treatment from North Shore House Wash.

Choose from our 6 options:

$215 + gst for a roof under 80m²
$245 + gst for a roof between 80m² and 150m²
$275 + gst for a roof between 150m² and 200m²
$305 + gst for a roof between 200m² and 280m²
$340 + gst for a roof between 280m² and 350m²
$385 + gst for a roof between 350m² and 450m²

Is It Safe To Collect Water From My Roof?

If you collect water for drinking notify us in the details section of your enquiry. All pipes running to your water tank system will be disconnected before the application. Some pipes are connected to the tank by welded joins or riveted joins. Any disconnection and re-connection procedure is at the sole expense of the property owner. Re-connection: Following the treatment, you MUST wait a minimum of 4 rainfalls at the property before reconnecting any pipes to the tank.

Roof Wash and Treatment Packages

North Shore House Wash offers a Roof Washing service as well as moss, lichen & mould roof treatment. Our roof washing service helps prevent damage to your roof while extending the life of the existing paint system keeping the surface of your roof in great condition.

Moss, Mould and Lichen Cleaning Treatment Auckland F.Q.A’s

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Below you will find our most frequently asked questions about our services at
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Treatment used is non acidic, non caustic & contains no bleach.
Most definitely! But if your deck is older and has never been cleaned, it may be noticeably blackened with the mould contamination. In this case, it may need our instant solution, timber decking restoration with a lite soft wash to effectively remove the mould and a treatment to protect the decking.The good news is that you should only have to do this once and then the maintenance becomes so easy, treatment every 6-12 months and a lite brush in areas which don’t get a lot of sunlight.
It is totally dependent on the intensity of the contamination. If it is really light you will see results within days. Otherwise it may take approximately 2-3 months to see improvements.

We only use safe chemical soft washing products and materials. This allows us to complete any job in the most efficient and safest manner

Our cleaning products, when applied correctly, are not harmful to you, your pets or your plants.

Yes, absolutely. If you are not happy with the job done we will come back and fix any issues.

Yes, We hold comprehensive liability insurance of 2 million dollars.

Please always make sure any tradesmen you choose is insured for your piece of mind.

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