Residential House Wash Services

We offer residential house wash services which include exterior cleaning and maintenance services to keep your home in top condition.
A man wearing a safety gear while using a power wash device

House Washing

North Shore House Wash offers exterior house washing services North Shore, Auckland wide.
A comparison of a dirty and a clean roof

Roof Washing​

Interested in a roof washing service? Brilliant! Here at North Shore House Wash we have a team of experienced roof washing technicians…

Gutter Cleaning​

Gutter clear and clean service is available at North Shore House Wash.
A comparison of a dirty and cleaned pathway

Pathways/Driveway Cleaning

After North Shore House Wash is finished washing your pathways you wont recognise how good they look! For more information regarding driveway and pathways washing follow the link below.

Staircase Waterblasting

A wide range of waterblasting and pressure cleaning services is available at North Shore House Wash.

Pure Water Window Cleaning

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