North Shore House Wash Services Portfolio

Below you will find some examples of work North Shore House Wash has carried out for our customers. Follow the link to the individual service pages to find more detail about the job. 

Our team work hard to showcase the before and after images of our work so you can see how much difference maintaining the exterior of your property can make.

Our services will make your property look as new and will reduce long-term maintenance costs.

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Exterior House Washing

House and building washing services on the North Shore and the greater Auckland region.

house wash North Shore
House washing North Shore
House Washing North Shore

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Clear and Clean Auckland wide.

Gutter Cleaning North Shore
Gutter cleaning North Shore

Roof Washing

Roof Cleaning to remove moss, mould and lichen from the roof’s surface.

Roof Washing North Shore
Roof Cleaning North Shore

Water blasting North Shore

Image below showcases North Shore House Wash pressure washing pathways

pressure washing Auckland
Water blasting North Shore
Waterblasting wood Auckland

Driveway Cleaning

Driveway cleaning and treatment services.

Driveway cleaning Auckland

Deck Cleaning and Wood Restoration

Gutter Clear and Clean Auckland wide.

Waterblasting North Shore
Waterblasting Auckland
Water blasting North Shore
Waterblasting wood Auckland

Soft House Washing

Delicate treatment but effective results from our soft house wash exterior cleaning equipment, designed especially for the results below.

House Washing services North Shore

Latest Exterior Cleaning Jobs

House and building washing company Auckland

Project - Falls Hotel Auckland

Falls Hotel Auckland is a historic building in Auckland
Exterior Cleaning North Shore

Project - Henderson Historical Railway Station

Building wash to a historical building.

Best house and building washing company Auckland

Historic Church Building Wash

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