Streak-free Window Cleaning

Looking for a safe, effective way to clean the windows of your commercial building?


North Shore House Wash uses an eco-friendly, pure water window cleaning method


Certified Building and window cleaning experts will clean your building from the ground up


Servicing the North Shore area and greater Auckland region

Streak-free Window Cleaning Auckland

Streak-free Window cleaning

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Streak-free window cleaning Auckland

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The North Shore House Wash Way

North Shore House Wash has a simple philosophy – do the job right first time, every time. Each job we take on is carefully evaluated using online software which is why we typically don’t supply price estimates or quote over the phone or during onsite consultation. North Shore House Wash will provide an accurate price in a FREE no obligation quote 24-48 hours after enquiry submission. 

Depending on the area to be washed, the materials and the level of ingrained dirt, grease, grime or mould will determine the methods used. As well as the equipment we will employ to give our clients the best possible result.

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    Certified house and building washing technicians can complete your entire Auckland building wash from ground level!!!

    North Shore House Wash team has experts working from ground level cleaning commercial buildings and performing pure-water window cleaning without ladders or scaffolding. Extendable water fed pole brush is strong and light, it allows us to reach heights of up to 25 metres. When handled by professionals the water-fed pole provides excellent window washing in less time.  It makes our external window cleaning services very effective.

    Pure water is fed through extendable poles with high quality brushes attached, to ensure no scratches or damage. Almost any height building can be tackled from the ground which has been proven to be safer and less expensive – especially when compared to the costs associated with cherry pickers, scaffold hire, edge protection and other alternative methods of streak-free window cleaning.


    Falls Hotel West Auckland

    Historical Building Wash

    The most treasured building in West Auckland region is washed by North Shore House Wash. Will you trust us with your property?

    Commercial Building Wash

    Commercial Building Wash

    Commercial Building Washing 

    Commercial Roof Washing

    Roof Wash

    Commercial Roof Washing Before and After. To find out more about our commercial roof washing, follow the link below…

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    Below you will find our most frequently asked questions about our services at North Shore House Wash.

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    What’s included in a house wash service from North Shore House Wash?
    Our Standard House Wash includes:
    * Everything from the gutters to the ground.
    * All exterior walls (Cedar restoration included)
    * All outsides of gutters and downpipes.
    * All eaves, soffits, and bargeboards.
    * All windows, doors and entrance alcoves.
    * Streak-free window clean is available with every house wash.

    Standard House Wash Does NOT include:
    * Gutter Cleaning
    * Deck or Fence Cleaning
    * Paths and Walkways
    * Driveways
    * Patios, Pergolas or Glass Balustrades
    * Anything above the roof line: eg. Chimneys and Skylights.

    Each of the items listed above are extra services, which are not automatically included in a ‘House Wash’ and would need to be priced separately.

    One of the main reasons we prefer to provide a free onsite consultation is to avoid any confusion and to discuss our clients requirements, expectations and the best way to approach the project.

    Hopefully, this information helped to remove any confusion around the term ‘house wash’. It’s very important, for the success of the project, and for our customer’s 100% satisfaction that both parties clearly understand exact agreement terms.

    Any further technical questions regarding a potential house wash/building wash of your desired property please feel free to call our Operations Manager, Matthew Norcross on 021 022 65900 , alternatively you can request a FREE quote or simply ask your question here.

    How much will it cost?

    For best price indication please contact us for a FREE no obligation quote today. North Shore House Wash team will be in touch in under 24 hours with a quote guaranteed.

    How often should the exterior of my building be washed?

     Painters recommend exterior washing every 12-18 months to get the most life out of your paint. Paint manufacturers worn us, by washing the exterior of your building annually, you can extend the life of your paint by as much as 25-30%.

    Due to the quality of our exterior wash process, most of our customers repeat the exercise every 12-18 months and in some cases every 2 to 3 years. A lot depends on the position of the house/building, how much sunlight exposure the house/building gets, how close to the highway/main road the house/building is and the number of trees and leaves are around the property. All of these factors influence how frequently the exterior becomes dirty. Every home is unique and different factors will determine the frequency with which it needs to be cleaned.

    One thing that should always be kept in mind when considering how often to clean the exterior surfaces of your property is to check the MANUFACTURER’s TERMS & CONDITIONS of any building or roofing guarantees which you have on your property. Some companies will not honour their product warranties unless annual exterior cleaning is maintained.

    Can you strip flaking paint from my house for paint preparation?


    Will house washing damage my house?

    No pressure washing/ water blasting will not cause damage if you know what you are doing. You are in good hands of professionals. Unfortunately our industry is full of cowboys. At North Shore House Wash we only hire experienced technicians which undergo our training policies before starting their field training with the supervision of our Senior Technician – Matthew Norcross.  If you are worried about damage or a fragile exterior feature on your property, please mention specifications when enquiring.


    Do you guarantee your work?
    Yes, absolutely. If you are not happy with the job done we will come back and fix any issues.
    Are you insured in case something goes wrong?
    Yes, We hold comprehensive liability insurance of 2 million dollars.

    Please always make sure any tradesmen you choose is insured for your piece of mind.