Make your Business Safer with North Shore House Wash

Sanitize the Exterior of your house or Commercial Property

North Shore House Wash would like to bring to your attention, what we can do to help prevent the spread of the virus 🦠

North Shore House Wash puts the safety of our customers and our employees first. We, as a local family owned business know the stress and uncertainty Covid-19 Virus. We are making a commitment to our community to assist in sanitizing and helping to save lives.

External Residential Services

We provide disinfection/cleaning for all external areas using our Soft wash method, which has proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. The active ingredient we use – Quaternary Ammonium, is proven effective and recommended by EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) and is recommended for dealing with the virus. Same methods have been used all across the world during Covid-19 outbreak. This simple way of disinfecting large areas has been selected and approved by ERMA (Environmental Risk Management Authority) disinfectants to battle viruses and bacteria.

Using the correct disinfectant is an important part of preventing and reducing the spread of virus 🦠 along with other critical aspects such as hand washing. North Shore House Wash can arrange sanitisation quotes for any essential business, including supermarkets, medical facilities, public transport, warehouses and more. For a full updated list of essential business sectors during Alert Level 4, visit the NZ COVID-19 website.

Check out the video below for soft wash chemical application.
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